How to choose the style of the interior of the future home

To understand where to settle in the future, first you need to figure out where you lived before and where you are now.
Walk around your house and look at it from the outside, like a guest. How long do you think a person lives in this house? Who are they? How do they live? What are they striving for? What do they dream about? After you've formed an outside opinion, take a piece of paper and make two lists.
The first is unloved, uncomfortable, inappropriate things. The second is the most beloved, valuable and comfortable pieces of furniture and decor. Then consider whether your home is your favorite chair, your grandma's striking clock, or your new flat-screen TV. Most likely, it is around these things that your interior will be built, and the style orientation of these items will become the style of your new home.
Dig into the history of your life and select the most important, memorable and vivid parts of it. Old family photos, especially successful drawings, favorite music, caskets, vases, vintage suitcases, bags and hat boxes. The details of the future interior are ready. This decor can be used to decorate almost any interior - from a modern loft to a dense retro.
Using 2d floor plan will help you plan your interior in the best way.
A floor plan, known as standard or traditional, will give you a clear idea of ​​the layout of your home. It can include either an interior plan or a plan for the entire house.