You can either: combat themthis really does nothing to assist you whatsoever, however I assume people will like it. Burn a building; no matter whether you succeed or fail, doing this requires you to OSRS Gold your own base. Steal food or logs; doing this requires you to your base, with stolen products in your inventory. Here is how you win. Everyone gets points, but the winner receives points according to a better mathematical formula.

What are the rewards? Well, as a reward you can get cash or exp in abilities that you used. Another reward is resources. The goblins have located a grove of magic trees and rune stones. Paying points may get you a few minutes in either grove. Tell me what you think. If it sounds like a rip off of something else, then please tell me, so I can delete this entire thread.

I think we should add pet puppies to Runescape. It could be a very simple thing to do, but as with cats, you should need a search to get a puppy. Exactly like cats can catch mice and eat fish, dogs can catch those pointless squirells and racoons around Barbarian village. Dogs could also have some use for hunting, like catching geese or something. The puppies would grow in phases like cats.puppydog (lazy) (overgrown) (hunting, like wily for cats)should you think about any additional phases, let me and I will add it as soon as I can.

Items needed: 12 boards, 45 claws, bolt of fabric, vial of water, bow, arrows, rope, and a weapon and armour. Start of by talking to Buy RS Gold Harold outside his home in Yanille. (the one with all the piano for treasure trails)He'll tell you that he is searching for help watching his dog for a few days while he is away on a trip.