What is the role of the transmission shaft and what types are there? Custom manufacturing – also known as original equipment – ​​transmission shafts are used in manual transmission gearboxes. Transmission gearboxes are used to shift the generated power from a motor or engine to the wheels. During this power transfer, the gears and transmission shaft reduce the power to a workable speed.

Counter Transmission Shaft

The counter transmission shaft is installed parallel to a drive shaft and controlled by an input shaft (with assistance from pinion gears). In a regular manual transmission, the transmission gears are mating with the countershaft. In FWD vehicles, counter and input shafts actually function the same way.

Input Transmission Shafts

This energy generated from an engine crankshaft must first travel into a gearbox before eventually reaching the tires. The initial part to receive the power is known as input shafts.

These shafts can engage or disengage through the clutch functionality. In RWD drive automobiles, input shafts are used to operate in conjunction with output shafting parts. Together, these parts create a main shaft assembly.

Output Transmission Shafts

Finally, the last part to transmit motion from the transmission into the wheels is the output shaft. This shaft is controlled by the countershafts and gearboxes. The precision gears are shifted manually by the driver.

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