NBA 2K21  Defense Strategies
Have a good understanding of your opponent
On defense, having the ability to read your opponent's mind gives you a huge advantage and will give you an obvious advantage over your opponent.
The best way to knock your opponent off balance is to use fake passes and pump fakes, as well as keeping them off guard. forecast their next movements and counter them; understand their playing style and look for a way to beat them.

Dedicated practice is essential to playing well on defense, and you have to be especially careful with passing and faking, and shooting, there are the NBA 2K21 tips. Therefore, the more you practice NBA 2K21, the better you will get.

NBA 2K21  Offensive Strategies
Pushing the ball down the court
Involving two different NBA 2K21 player types in one play, pick and roll is a highly beneficial strategy that people often neglect. Even a basic pass and shoot does not work, so rely on pick and roll to save the day. To get the tank started, press and hold L1, then press R1 to start the tank rolling.