The fragrance of the product is elegant, mellow, delicate and smooth, and the multiple fragrances are harmonized and unified, entering the throat and smooth, moderate strength, long fragrance and long aftertaste. In meeting consumer tastes and physiological needs, it focuses on expressing the brand appeal of science and technology to reduce harm and return to health. The original tobacco fragrance is transparent, the style is gorgeous and mature, the fragrance is rich and natural, the smoke is fluffy and smooth, the taste is refreshing and pure, the aftertaste is sweet and comfortable, and the cigarette paper is light and elegant, and the breath is elegant and natural. When lit, the smoke is smooth and full and rich Newport 100S, and the strength of the smoke belongs to the soothing and peaceful inherent in the wide and narrow series, which is also the essence of the wide and narrow series. Spit out smoke, aftertaste the aftertaste of lips and teeth, rich and clean, not mixed with other breaths. Continue to inhale, the smoke flips and enters the nasal cavity Marlboro Cigarettes. The comfortable and soft smoke brings to the nasal mucosa, a caress like a spring breeze, gentle and charming. The product feature is based on high-quality tobacco aroma, supplemented by appropriate ingredients and flavoring. The product has the characteristics of soft and natural taste, pure and full aroma, soft and elegant smoke, and clean and comfortable aftertaste., It is made by carefully blending and rolling by the hands of top international perfumers. Not only is it low-focus and low-harm, the cigarettes also exude a faintly sweet aroma. The original high-quality human original checkered cigarette paper is replaced with horizontal-grained paper, which is more mainstream and atmospheric. The quality and taste of many cigarette brands have always been praised Carton Of Cigarettes. The low-focus and low-harm of the original fragrance is a big advantage. The cigarette has a good aroma, the smoke is fine and mellow, the smoke is moderate, and the taste is light and mellow. The flavor of sweetness and sweetness, every time you smoke, you will feel particularly comfortable, sweet but not greasy, fragrant but not strong, the blending of tobacco aroma is just right, and the sweet taste makes countless smokers love it, and it is very worthy of the taste. A great value cigarette. The cigarettes are designed in cool black, with low-key Asian gold filters, and Noxus-themed badge symbols, which fully interprets "brand is a link to lifestyle", and the British-style flue-cured tobacco flavor provides a new kind of smoking At the same time, it reflects the trend of brand rejuvenation.
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