She will tell you he can cure very quickly and casts a cursed spell which enriches all stats from 10 points. Request were he's and OSRS gold she'll tell you he always liked bugs, and she will give you a magical scroll. You must hurry because the scroll only has two more charges and both are needed.

The entry is under the queen so search the ground below her and enter it. Now run past the level-122 hellhounds and to the room with the level-436 Omega Black Dragons. Cast the second spell on the scrol and they'll be paralyzed. There are 3 paths that the top one goes to level-96 Daggonoths, the bottom has 15 rune rocks, and the middle has level-136 Vampires together with the ladder you want. Run down the center path and climb down the ladder.

Enter the gate and also be ready to combat the level-200 Zogre King. Strike the Zogre King with shield from magic on as he will throw blood quake and a strange spell that drains your stats. Widdle his health down to nothing and he will transform into a level-1 weakened Zogre. Cast the final spell and it'll burn him but stays. Take them and come back to the queen. She'll reward you with the Sphere of Blood. Bank the world and stays immediatly or the level-653 vengeful spirit of the Zogre King will attack you. Congradulations you now have among the Spheres of all Orien*.

Amulet of Orien. Get hte Essential pf Hope and the Charred Key and go to Zanaris. Speak to Chaedler about the Tomb of Orien. He'll tell he has the Amulet that belonged to Orien. Ask if you're able to have it and he will tell you that you could have it, and he will tell you you can have it if you slay the Otherwordly King. Tell him yes and he will inform you that cheap RuneScape gold a portal to the Otherworld has been locked up and no one knows were the keys are.