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  • Advantages of Gasoline Powered Sprayers
    Advantages of gasoline engine power sprayer: Volume. Gasoline engine-powered sprayers usually produce a larger volume than electric sprayers. This is useful for applications that need to put down a lot of products but don't want to spend a whole day. For example, Termite pretreatment•Weed budding work•Drive large spray boom or reduce spray boom pressure. Gasoline engine...
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  • Benefits of Power Sprayer
    Here are my top 5 Benefits of Power Sprayers: Lower cost-powered sprayers are generally simpler than gas driven sprayers, with fewer parts and lower cost. Usually, the pump and the motor are a single unit, its cost (lower than a gas power system), and does not require any additional assembly, thereby saving assembly labor and cost. Less space-powered sprayers usually take up less space in the...
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  • How to Use the Spray Gun?
    The operation of the sprayer gun is relatively simple. After preparing the basic material and equipment, keep the spray gun perpendicular to the surface of the object to be sprayed. But pay special attention to details. Pay attention to three points in spray gun operation, spraying distance, operating speed, and overlapping spraying. Spraying distance The distance from the front end of...
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  • The History of the Development of Gasoline Engines
    Before World War II, gasoline engines were used as the power for agricultural and gardening tools under 1 kilowatt, up to several kilowatts of aviation engines. After World War II, the use of gasoline engines has shrunk, and they are still used in low-power internal combustion engines, motorcycles, cars, small airplanes, and light trucks. Divided into carburetor type and gasoline injection...
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  • Why Clean the Sprayer
    Gasoline engine power sprayer, orchard sprayer, fog machine and other small plant protection equipment should be cleaned immediately after spraying, especially after using highly toxic pesticides and various herbicides, the equipment barrel should be cleaned immediately, otherwise, It is easy to be poisonous to crops when used next time. What I want to solve today is how to clean the orchard...
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  • Less Exposure to Pesticides When Using Power Sprayers
    Precautions for power sprayer: Wear tightly before applying pesticides. Wear masks, gloves, long-sleeved clothes and long pants. Before spraying pesticides, carefully check the instructions on the pesticide labels. There are detoxification methods on the pesticide labels. Carefully understand the toxicity of pesticides. Highly toxic pesticides need to be used in strict accordance with label...
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  • The Scope of Application of Gasoline Engine Power Sprayer
    The advantages of gasoline engine power sprayer: time-saving and labor-saving, high efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times that of ordinary hand sprayers), low labor intensity, and continuous operation. Few wearing parts, low maintenance rate, basically no use cost. There are also most uses of gasoline engine power sprayers such as disease and pest control in apple, cherry, pear, peach, vineyard, and...
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  • Principle of Gasoline Powered Water Pump
    The gasoline powered water pump uses an artificial lift to pump water. The artificial lifting method is accomplished by introducing bubbles, water vapor or compressed air into the outlet pipe. In artificial lift technology, compressed air or gas molecules are used to lift fluids. The compressed air or gas molecules will reduce the hydrostatic pressure at the outlet, while the fluid or water is...
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  • Better Use of Spray Gun
    These 10 steps are a guide to guide you to better use the spray gun. A shortlist of actions will help you avoid delays and give you immediate results. Check the job description of the paint manufacturer. This will determine which nozzle (nozzle) you should use and the correct spray power setting. This will ensure that you get a smooth and flawless coating and prevent a lot of unnecessary paint...
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  • Benefits of Spray Gun
    Compared with traditional spray paint or dyeing methods, spray guns have many advantages. The spray effect is forgiving. Since the spray coating is built up in thin layers, small scratches and stains are not as obvious as brushed surfaces. The spraying speed is fast. The finishing agent can be sprayed on parts of any size or shape with a brush or a rag, and the speed is much...
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