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  • Market Impact of Empty Hard Capsule Making Machine
    The Empty Hard Capsule Making Machines market has been assessed from both micro and macro aspects and segmented. It further helps participants closely understand important changes in business operations through a comprehensive survey of upstream suppliers, distributors and downstream buyers. Influence of empty hard capsule making machine: Comprehensive assessment of all opportunities and...
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  • What Is Pullulan
    Empty Pullulan Capsules Factory is based on pullulan fermented from corn as the main material. It is refined through a unique dipping process and drying technology. There is no risk of cross-linking reaction of amino acids in gelatin, and the drug release speed is relatively high. Stable, with small individual differences, it is a safe raw material approved by the FDA and the first choice...
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  • Capsule Customization Process
    Custom Capsule Manufacturers product designAccording to market demand and feedback from other products in the market, determine product categories and product appearances, develop product ideas based on brand concepts and market surveys, formulate product positioning and strategies, and formulate product development plans! The customized outer packaging design of capsule productsIn the process...
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  • Principle Of Capsule Filling Machine
    Capsule Filling Machine operation steps:1. Press the green button in the "Power Switch" to turn on the power.2. Slowly adjust the "vibration intensity adjustment knob" and turn it clockwise. At this time, the sorting tray integrated with the "vibration bracket" begins to vibrate, touch the sorting tray with your hand, and adjust to a certain vibration intensity by feeling.3. Put the...
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  • Capsule Shell Material Type
    If the current capsule shell materials do not have the requirements for enteric coating and slow-release, most of them are gelatin, which is smooth and easy to form; if enteric coating and slow-release are required, various acrylic resins and hydroxypropyl resins are often used. Materials such as methylcellulose (Empty HPMC Capsules Manufacturers) have wide adaptability and more precise...
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  • Advanced Capsule Equipment Machine
    Capsule Equipment Machine is an automatic hard capsule machine used to produce empty hard capsules and all auxiliary equipment. The capsule-making machine is currently operating in multiple countries/regions to meet the growing demand for hard capsules. These machines are capable of producing a large number of high-quality capsules of different sizes every day. They can produce empty hard...
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